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The Therapeutic Dual-Pro® features one of the largest massage zones along with Advanced 135cm Flexi-Track Rail Technology that contours to the shape of your spine and gives a customised deep tissue massage all over your body in all the right places. The Advanced Flexi Technology allows you to experience a full body stretch unlike in other massage chairs, where the stretch is focused on a specific part of your body.

With its sleek and modern design, the latest features and the most advanced technology, The Therapeutic Dual-Pro® is the absolute top of the range massage chair. If you like a little more luxury in life, look no further.


Power 180 watts
Upright size 170cm (L) x 85cm (W) x 125cm (H)
Reclined size 205cm (L) x 85cm (W) x 83cm (H)
Box size 137cm (L) x 85cm (W) x 123cm (H)

This chair is delivered in a box. Please note these measurements when you are collecting the chair from a transport depot to place in your vehicle and moving it through your front or back door.
Packing size

Mainframe: 160cm (L) x 85cm (W) x 88.5cm (H)

Lower leg: 56cm (L) x 54cm (W) x 61cm (H)

Handrail: 56cm (L) x 54cm (W) x 61cm (H)

Net weight 169kg
Gross weight 204kg


Advanced Dual-Pro® 4D Massage Technology

The only chair ever created with two powerful massage hands to simultaneously massage your upper and lower body. The dedicated lower-body massage hand works on your aches in the waist, hip and lower back, while the upper-body massage hand has the capability to pivot 30 degrees and apply downward pressure on your neck and shoulders. This market-leading innovation combined with the Flexi-Track™ Rail Technology makes the Therapeutic Dual-Pro® an everlasting investment in your future wellbeing.

How It Works

The Therapeutic Dual-Pro® offers elevated comfort, relaxation and pain relief in a few quick taps of a finger.

Activating your Therapeutic Dual-Pro® is easy. Simply follow these steps:

1 - Turn chair on using either the Cordless Touch Screen Tablet Display or the iDrive Quick Start Control Panel that’s accessible on the arm rest of the chair.
2 - Select one of the 12 automatic massage treatments available below or create your own customised treatment.
3 - Adjust the intensity of the massage. Choose gentle pressure to soothe your body or select firmer settings for targeted pain relief.
4 - Recline to the True ZeroGravity™ to experience complete weightlessness or use the arrows to adjust and customise your recline angle.
5 - Every body is different and it’s important to have complete control over your massage experience. This is why the Therapeutic Dual-Pro® has a Cordless Touch Screen Tablet Display that’s interactive and intuitive so you can easily navigate the wide range of features and tailor each massage element to match your requirements.
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