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Tru Massage Chairs

Tru Massage - Symphony 4D

Tru Massage - Symphony 4D


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4D Massage Chair

Dive into a world of unparalleled relaxation and innovative massage technology with the Symphony Massage Chair. This masterpiece is designed to envelop you in comfort and wellness, featuring an impressive array of 46 airbags strategically placed to target every inch of your body for a comprehensive massage experience. With advanced features and a user-friendly interface, the Symphony Massage Chair is your gateway to daily rejuvenation and relaxation.

  • 46 Air Bags: 4 pcs shoulder / 16 pcs hand / 4 pcs seat / 10 pcs leg / 12 pcs foot
  • Hot Compress Function – Leg and Waist
  • Negative Ion Air Generator
  • SL-Type Super Long Rail Technology: Massage Distance of 53”
  • 4D Movement: 4 Massage Balls, Shoulder Position Detection
  • One Button Design
  • Stereo Bluetooth Music
  • Auto Telescopic Footrest & Auto Sensing Plantar Position
  • Dual Control System: 7” Touch Screen & Armrest Shortcut Button
  • Quietest 4D Massage Chair
  • Accurate Partial Massage
  • Upgraded Version – Touch Screen Remote Control and Bluetooth


  • Total Weight: 298 lbs
  • Upright Dimensions (W x L x H): 32.7" x 62.4" x 48"
  • Reclined Dimensions (W x L x H): 32.7" x 72.8" x 36.4"
  • Max. User Height/Weight: 6'4" / 270 lbs
  • Upholstery: Specially Treated genuine Leather
  • Power Supply: AC 110 - 120V

Basic Features

  • 46 Air Bags: Includes 4 pieces for shoulder, 16 pieces for hands, 4 pieces for the seat, 10 pieces for legs, and 12 pieces for feet, ensuring a full-body air compression massage that relieves tension and improves circulation.
  • Hot Compress Function – Leg and Waist: Provides soothing warmth to your legs and waist, enhancing muscle relaxation and promoting blood flow for a more effective massage.
  • Negative Ion Air Generator: Enhances the ambiance by releasing negative ions, purifying the air around you, and promoting a healthier environment for relaxation.
  • SL-Type Super Long Rail Technology: Offers an extensive massage distance of 53 inches, from your neck down to your thighs, ensuring that no area is left untouched.
  • 4D Movement: Features 4 massage balls and shoulder position detection technology, providing a deeply satisfying massage that adapts to your body’s unique contours.
  • One Button Design: Simplifies operation, making it easy to start your massage experience with just the push of a button.

Additional Features

  • Stereo Bluetooth Music: Allows you to pair your device and play your favorite tunes, enhancing your massage experience with the therapeutic power of music.
  • Auto Telescopic Footrest & Auto Sensing Plantar Position: Automatically adjusts to fit the length of your legs and detects the optimal position for a targeted foot massage.
  • Dual Control System: Choose between a 7” touch screen and armrest shortcut buttons for easy adjustments without disrupting your relaxation.
  • Quietest 4D Massage Chair: Engineered to operate silently, providing a peaceful and serene environment for your massage sessions.
  • Accurate Partial Massage: Targets specific areas with precision, allowing for focused relief where you need it most.
  • Upgraded Version – Touch Screen Remote Control and Bluetooth: Enhanced user interface with a touch screen remote control and improved Bluetooth connectivity for a seamless massage experience.
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